Due to the current Self-Isolation circumstances, we are advising some patients on how to inject themselves - this may be for drugs such as:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Testosterone
  • MMR

Obviously any injectable therapy would need to be authorised and issued by your clinician.

The steps required for you to be able to self inject safely and easily are:

  1. Have a consultation with a nurse
  2. Read the guideline documents linked below.
  3. Fill in and email the consent form below back to us.
  4. The clinician will issue you script electronically to your nominated pharmacy.

Note: We need to have received your completed form before we can issue any injectable medication.

]After your consultation you will be advised to fill out and return a consent form - this is to indicate that you understand the instructions on how to inject yourself safely.

Click here for Self Injection consent form

This needs to emailed back to us at

Once everything is ready, you should carefully follow the guides below to safely inject yourself.


Self Injection Guides

These documents give you all the information you will need to self inject safely, including links to online retailers for needles and video guides showing self injections.  These are only to be used after you have spoken with a clinician and you feel happy doing this yourself.

Please note: Both B12 and Testosterone need to be stored in a cool, dark place within the original packaging and MMR in a fridge - but do not freeze.

Vitamin B12 Guide

Intra Muscular Injection guide

Sayana Press Injection guide


Further information can be found below:

Transgender Health Injection Guide


Harlem United - Self Injection How-To (Requires you to enter name and email on their site)

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